Empathy and emotion over swagger and schtick.

Making It Personal

Sokoloff Lawyers, Toronto’s premier personal injury law firm, was looking for a unique way to stand out and reach new audiences.

Something different and unexpected, striking an empathetic chord with prospective clients and connecting with them on an emotional level.

As a personal injury law firm that emphasizes approachability, professionalism and clear communication, Sokoloff has always made client relationships their top priority. They lead a principled practice, meaning clients receive the best possible representation.

To demonstrate this commitment to client care, Sokoloff created a compassionate and compelling mini-series of :15-second ads incorporating themes of empowerment, overcoming obstacles, and perseverance.

While a quick Google search will yield a plethora of personal injury firms claiming to be “number 1,” the “top” or the “best” lawyers around, Sokoloff has steered away from these overplayed industry tropes. Instead of bogus broadcasts about “record-breaking” settlements without any supporting evidence, Sokoloff is shooting straight for the heart – a refreshingly honest and endearing approach in a legal landscape littered with boastful claims and baseless bravado.

These ad spots tugged at viewer heartstrings by sticking with a simple, instantly relatable idea. They were thought-provoking because they hit close to home with almost anyone who might be watching. These commercials appeared on national broadcast and specialty channels.

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