Spotlight: Changing the Game | Bill C-218

Over the past year, we’ve seen sports betting legalization in key US states, as well as several European markets.

Bill C-218 – a private member’s bill introduced last year to amend the Criminal Code and legalize single-game sports betting in Canada – would end a decades-long prohibition on single-game, single-event, and live ‘prop’ betting. This as consumer adoption of online sports wagering is accelerating amid a growing demand for at-home entertainment.

In 2021, the online sports gambling industry has a broader reach and a larger user base than ever before, all as major league sports have returned to action.

Within this context, our latest Sawhorse Spotlight shares our perspective on both the opportunities and the challenges this presents for the sports betting industry in Canada. Learn more about the impacts of legalization, lessons from other markets, and key considerations for stakeholders across the sports gambling landscape.

For a high-resolution, downloadable copy of our Bill C-218 Canadian gambling reform spotlight, click here.