Harnessing the Power of a Rebrand

Our brand identity underscores the way we approach our work – always bespoke, never blasé.

Since our inception, eight years ago this month, Sawhorse has existed as an accelerator for the growth of our client’s businesses by pushing the limits of what marketing can do. Our approach has always been rooted in unswerving ambition, big thinking, and the power of the client partnerships we nurture.

As technological innovation and start-up culture continue to influence and revolutionize the world around us, the growing complexities of our clients’ needs have served as a catalyst for our own evolutionary brand journey. Since 2012, we’ve succeeded in helping our clients grow their businesses — while also growing our own. We recognized the need to rebrand — with a refreshed brand identity to reflect not only the progress we’ve made and the distance we’ve come but the refined range of core competencies we now showcase.

The many sides of Sawhorse.
Main logo used by Sawhorse Marketing Group comprised of unique sliced wordmark design in primary brand colour.
Alternate logo used by Sawhorse Marketing Group to promote cannabis marketing services with stylized leaf design and colours.

Drawing inspiration from our integrated capabilities of identity development, marketing strategy, and brand consulting, our new collection of branded elements come to life though imaginative and vivid customizable designs.

The offset, cross-cut façade of our reimagined primary logomark pays homage to our name. This design signifies the divergence of a singular idea, splintering into new ways of thinking, ultimately converging as something newfangled, in an innovative and exceptional way.

It was important, as part of this rebrand process, that we develop a secondary visual symbol to serve as an iconic personification of the brand, almost like a mascot. The Tangram Horse, bearing complementary characteristics to our redesigned primary wordmark, is an alternate but equally important visual embodiment of our brand that is both easily remembered and immediately recognizable.

We endeavored to create a novel way of illustrating the work that we do, by way of our new logo design. By commandeering the W space in our wordmark and developing iconographic visual elements to fill the gap, we created alternate, industry and service-specific versions of our logo, in living color, bringing new focus and personality to our rebranding efforts.

Our original brand colors reflected our bold attitude as a new, emerging player in the market. And, while we’ve retained that valiant spirit, we’ve introduced a new spectrum of vibrant colors that better complement our flexibility, and our dedication to brand marketing transformation.

Harness the Power.

Authentic brand stories. Platforms for Creativity. Long live the story. Over the years we’ve tried out a number of different taglines, in an effort to test our evolving brand message, and establish a consistent, evolutionary presence. As part of our rebrand strategy, we sought to develop a slogan to compliment our new look and feel, and capture our ambitious spirit. Harness the Power exemplefies the essence of who we are and what we do. Our clients leverage our experience and our expertise — our power — and together we make marketing magic happen.

Hi-yo Sawhorse, away!

While we’re not done yet—as no brand ever truly is—we want to thank everyone who has helped us get to where we are today. As we look to the future, we’re most excited about continuing our great relationships with you. After all, without you, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

FUN FACT – Although Sawhorse Consulting Group, as it is known today, did technically launch in 2012, the business hasn’t always been known by that name. Several brand identities and logos were tested between 2012 and 2014, ultimately culminating in Sawhorse making it’s official, and permanent, debut in 2015.