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Brand Identity Brand Identity

Your brand is your story — we help you to define, develop and implement your brand identity so it speaks for itself.

Narrative Voice Narrative Voice

We specialize in developing unique voices across many platforms, including social media, blogs, and websites.

Partnerships Partnerships

We’re well versed in sponsorships and partnerships, from exploration and due diligence, to relationship management.

Production Production

The best way to maximize the impact of visual media is by making an emotional connection through amazing storytelling.

Content Strategy Content Strategy

We build, execute and monitor carefully crafted strategies, ensuring meaningful interactions and measurable results.

Visual Character Visual Character

From footage and images, to logo design, we offer a variety of visual branding services to assist you.

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Who doesn't love a good story?

25 March

Scratching the Itch

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Scratching the Itch

Recalling the project that got me hooked on Marketing in the first place. It happened during my first year of college. Still not entirely sure what I wanted to do with my life, I knew creativity and entrepreneurialism were important parts of the pie. I hadn’t yet discovered a way to bring the two together, […]

5 June

Rise of the Astropreneurs: A New Race in Space

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Rise of the Astropreneurs: A New Race in Space

Outer space is an infinite source of optimism, learning, and imagination that unites us all. The intrigue of the-great-beyond is something that brands have been tapping into for decades. The visual splendour of the cosmos is interlaced with so much of our daily lives—from the ultramodern, minimalistic and utility-driven design of furniture and gadgets we […]

30 November

Of Angry Geese, and War and Peace

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Of Angry Geese, and War and Peace

It is said that in 1867, before Canada gained independence from Britain, many people were angry. Angry at Britain for their colonization. There were riots in the streets, protests, and many bloody battles. What did Britain want? Taxes from maple syrup exports. So the Canadians rebelled and dumped maple syrup into their harbours. This infuriated […]


What our customers are saying.

  • Darryl Chenoweth, Partner, WSI Digital Marketing

    “Jeff is a true marketing professional with an outstanding grasp of the digital marketing space. An effective strategist, he successfully implemented a variety of social marketing and optimization projects with ease. I look forward to a continued working relationship.”

    - Darryl Chenoweth, Partner, WSI Digital Marketing
  • Mark Tharme, Partner, Muse Marketing Group

    “Jeff is a strong communicator and listens carefully to others for their input. He has the ability to make the task at hand seem like fun because he obviously enjoys what he does. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”

    - Mark Tharme, Partner, Muse Marketing Group
  • Michelle Brice, Tech Design Specialist, GMG Color

    “Jeff is diligent as he is creative — his easy-going personality makes him a treat to work with. He has a unique ability to manage multiple projects and respond quickly to anything that’s needed. I found working with Jeff to be an absolute pleasure!”

    - Michelle Brice, Tech Design Specialist, GMG Color
  • Gordon Green, President, JAG Communications

    “I’ve taken pleasure in working with Jeff on many projects. His enthusiasm and great ideas always add significant value, from enhanced messaging and content, to execution. He’s also adept at public events, ensuring representation in a professional, friendly manner.”

    - Gordon Green, President, JAG Communications
  • Gerry Armstrong, Account Manager, TI Group

    “Jeff is a forward thinking marketer who understands the retail world paradigm shift we’re experiencing involving digital media and marketing. Jeff is capable of pulling together effective campaigns guided by media analysis, with measured results backed by follow-up analytics.”

    - Gerry Armstrong, Account Manager, TI Group

Why Sawhorse?

There’s something nostalgic about the smell of freshly sawed lumber. It’s earthy and savory-sweet. A scent that sticks with you, like a fond memory.

I grew up with a father who loved to manipulate wood. He’d carve it into shapes and build amazing things. From a young age, I would spend countless summer days outside with my Dad, measuring twice and cutting once. A pair of gnarled, weather-beaten sawhorses were our constant companions.

They were simple and sturdy, assembled from old barn-board. And despite many years of hard use, the sawhorses stood steadfast and true.

This is the inspiration behind Sawhorse Marketing Group. We are that trusty, reliable partner, helping our neighbours in the town of Newmarket and our clients across Southern Ontario to discover their own unique voice and heartfelt purpose.

Let’s tell your tale, together, the way it was meant to be told. Long live the story! 

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