Digital for Good

Plan International Canada embarked on a transformative journey to reimagine donor engagement and streamline operations.

Digital Experience Management    |    Sitecore Integration

A transformative journey

In a world where technology shapes our connections and drives change, humanitarian organizations like Plan International Canada are embracing digital transformation to amplify their impact.

A beacon of hope for children in over 75 countries, Plan had long been committed to advancing children’s rights and equality, yet its technological infrastructure lagged behind its mission. Disconnected systems hindered donor engagement, leaving opportunities untapped and challenges unaddressed.

The Challenge
A call for change

Recognizing the critical role of technology in fostering meaningful connections, Plan sought to revamp its digital ecosystem.

The journey began with a deep dive into Plan’s needs and aspirations. Through extensive research and strategic planning, the team mapped out donor journeys, set a bold digital vision, and identified the tools needed to bring it to life.

The Approach
An empowering action

Leveraging Sitecore’s powerful capabilities, the team created a composable-ready foundation, enabling personalized experiences and streamlined data management. Through collaborative efforts, a modern 360-degree view of constituents emerged, empowering Plan International Canada to better manage donor relationships and drive impact.

A screenshot from the Plan International Canada donation landing page with an interactive CTA banner.
The Results
A vision realized

The results were profound. Donation revenue surged by 40%, propelled by targeted email campaigns and improved user experiences. Mobile users, inspired by the streamlined interface, increased their average donation value by 45%. Page load times, once a barrier to engagement, improved by 2.5 seconds, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

With a digitally empowered platform at its disposal, Plan is poised to touch more lives and create lasting impacts. Beyond the metrics, the organization remains committed to its core mission: advancing children’s rights and equality, one connection at a time.

A screenshot from the Plan International Canada website featuring a donation campaign spotlight and CTA.
An elevated experience

In the digital age, technology is more than a tool; it’s a catalyst for change. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, Plan International Canada has unlocked new possibilities for donor engagement and impact. As the organization continues its journey, fueled by a shared vision of a more just and equal world, the potential for transformation knows no bounds.

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