Modernizing lottery play through innovation and personalization.


By leveraging the innovative Winner’s Edge customer portal, OLG can focus their efforts on attracting, acquiring, and retaining lottery players.

Historically, the Lottery division of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation sent email alerts to subscribers on a sporadic basis, informing them on everything from winning numbers and jackpot alerts, to news and marketing information.

Because of this broadly generic, outdated and impractical approach, OLG commissioned a refreshed player engagement strategy and implementation in order to provide custom-tailored content daily, according to personalized user-designated preferences. These preferences would be organized in a way that allowed members to customize how and when they received the lottery information they desired.

The Winner’s Edge platform is innovative for a number of reasons. Through the new OLG app, players can scan their tickets right from their mobile devices, while also gaining access to their Winner’s Edge account directly. The advantages of this include the ability to opt-in and receive winning number emails and jackpot alerts, access to valuable e-coupons and contests, and breaking news notifications on the latest offers and promotions.

Winner’s Edge is innovative for another reason as well – gathering player intelligence like never before, helping OLG grow user insights. This intelligence allows OLG to develop customized touchpoints that provided greater value to their consumers.

Providing subscribers with timely, personalized and relevant information about the lottery games of their choice will enable OLG to reach them on a more regular basis, advising them of useful lottery product information, while increasing the likelihood of lottery sales and participation. By nurturing new players and optimizing existing customers, they will build excitement around the fun and possibility of lottery play, through information, education and inspiration.

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