We tap into
your brand DNA
and cut to the
core of your business.

Our approach is human-centred + rooted in design thinking.
We help our clients discover, validate and implement inventive new ideas.

Our Innovation Lab exists unreservedly as a springboard for transformative, actionable thinking and doing.

Our brand strategy workshops act as a catalyst for continuous change, helping our partners envision, evaluate, and iteratively implement meaningful, impactful, game-changing concepts and designs.

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Our fully-interactive brand strategy workshops help teams define and align on big ideas worth rallying around.
Part masterclass, part workshop. Our range of fully immersive experiences are designed to leverage the unconventional traits of your brand and harness that unique power.
Brand Purpose Workshop
Foundational Vision + Values

We love to nurture inspiring brands that embolden audiences.

Your brand is unique, and it’s built upon a unique set of beliefs. Your purpose, vision, and values go deeper than what you’re selling. It’s not about what you do, but why you do it, and that’s what this workshop is designed to discover.

We’ll push your team towards recognizing (and embracing) the greatness of your brand by answering the following questions:

  • what is our WHY?
  • how do we prove it?
  • why should our audience care?


Brand Inspiration Workshop
Big Thinking + Ideas

We work with visionary brands and bring big ideas to life.

Every brand should strive for more. We’ll help you see what others don’t and bring it into focus. We’ll uncover your big, audacious ideas. Then we’ll refine them, to inspire your team and your customers, and give them something to really cheer for.

We’ll bring voice to your distinctive howl and craft your rallying war cry. Discovering what sets your brand apart starts with these questions:

  • what is our BIG idea?
  • how will we bring it to life?
  • why will it inspire people?


Brand Personality Workshop
Character + Connection

We embrace your inner nut and make that personality shine.

Brand loyalty is all about forging meaningful connections. We’ll uncover key points of uniqueness that define your difference. Then, we’ll design brilliant, winnable moments to let your distinctive nuttiness take center stage.

This workshop helps businesses imagine their brand as a relatable character, and how they fit into a customer’s story. Will your brand be:

  • the rule-breaking rebel?
  • the knowledgeable sage?
  • the entertaining jester?


Brand Audience Workshop
Community + Communication

When a brand talks to everyone, it often doesn’t reach anyone.

We’ll help you find your who and focus on the right audience to obsess over. We’ll look beyond past learnings, opinions, and assumptions to connect purposefully with your customers and solve the right problems.

Leading with empathy eliminates obstacles. We’ll find you a voice and visual identity that speaks fluently to your core by asking:

  • why do they need us?
  • how do we attract them?
  • what do they care about?


Brand Naming Workshop
Product + Brand Brainstorming

Naming a business or a product is a big deal, and we get that.

A brand name should be the result of intense and enlivened consideration. We’ll guide your team through rapid-fire exercises to get them geared up and deliver an inspiring list of ideas to light up your industry and fuel your success.

The goal of this workshop is to land on a trademark-checked, commercially available name that will act as a beacon for your brand:

  • is it unique and memorable?
  • will customers understand it?
  • does it inspire your team?


Personalized Brand Workshops
Build + Bundle

There’s no one-size-fits-all fix when it comes to building a brand.

There’s nothing usual about business as usual. Every brand has unique needs, and we’re here to help you meet them. We offer customized workshops and sessions tailored to the wants and desires of your business reality.

Fill out our form and we’ll hop on a call to learn more about your goals and objectives, so we can determine the best, personalized path forward:

  • need help with pain points?
  • seeking a competitive edge?
  • looking for a brand refresh?


What's Included?

Prepare yourself for a fully immersive workshop experience, led by our team of human-centered design-thinking experts. We begin with a deep-dive review of your business. Your session with us will brim with lively discussion, thought-provoking exercises, and bold ideas to bolster your brand. We follow up each engagement with a value-packed report full of eye-opening insights and actionable recommendations you can start implementing immediately.

▸ Pre-Workshop Planning
▸ Materials Review
▸ Live Workshop
▸ Interactive Branding Exercises
▸ Delicious Catered Lunch
▸ Post-Workshop Report

Who's It For?

Our brand strategy workshops are designed to perfectly suit the unique needs of your business – B2Cs, D2Cs, and B2Bs alike. If you’re looking for new ways to make your brand stand out, we’ll help you rise to the occasion and really kick things up a notch. Our workshops are best suited to small or medium-sized groups, and we’ll work with you to determine the right mix of participants to allow for dynamic, inspiring conversation and collaboration.

▸  Tech Firms
▸  Consumer Brands
▸  Small Businesses
▸  Startups and Disruptors
▸  Service Businesses

How Much Does It Cost?

Our brand strategy workshops aren’t like other workshops. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about our approach. We custom-design each session for a hand-tailored, purpose-driven fit. Whether it’s a one-day workshop or a weeklong marathon of meetings, we’ll help you think differently, push boundaries, and find the spark that lights your brand fire.

▸ Total investment depends a lot on timing and requirements (average is about $2K), but we’re happy to work within a range that fits your needs (travel expenses such as flight and hotel are not included).

We proudly hurl ourselves against the status quo. We’d rather be risk-takers than rule-makers.
It takes an unruly approach to discover what your brand is revolting against. We leverage this attitude to facilitate our workshops, so we can fold rebel moves into your strategies.
These are just a few of the amazing clients we've had the honour of working with so far.
This is the logo for MedReleaf, a Canadian medical grade cannabis licensed producer, owned by Aurora Cannabis.
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This is the logo for AltaVie, a Canadian adult-use recreational cannabis brand, owned by Aurora Cannabis.
This is the logo for WeedMD, a Canadian-owned medical, adult-use and recreational cannabis licensed producer.
It is super important for us to understand why you do what you do, who your customer is, and what's in it for them. We want to create an atmosphere of trust, so we are able to achieve your business dreams.
Jeff Doner, Principal Consultant
It's time for your brand to shine.
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