We build
bold brands
that tell stories,
straight from
the heart.

Brand strategy built better – it's what we do.
We develop brands that stand out and never stand still.

We understand that a brand is more than just a logo, colour palette, or typeface. It’s the essence of your existence, representing the who and why behind your business. We ensure your brand is a compelling conversation between you and your audience.

Sawhorse is your trusted branding agency for logo design, personal branding, brand management, brand strategy, and brand building.

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We're not just here to make your brand look pretty. We're here to make it matter.
Our immersive, collaborative, and customizable brand building process consists of three essential phases: Brand Discovery, Brand Development, and Brand Personification.
Brand Building: Phase 1
Brand Discovery

Discovery is a series of conversations about you. Together we’ll map out who you are and what you’re all about, your place in the marketplace, and how you’re different from your competitors. Think of it as a first-date between you and Sawhorse. Whether we’re scratch-building something new, or reinvigorating your existing brand, you’ll get the super-turbo-supremo version of your dreams.

Brand Values + Promise
Market + Competitive Research
Brand Positioning + Proposition


Brand Building: Phase 2
Brand Development

In business, as in life, a nifty name and a polished presentation get you noticed. Memorable brands act as a springboard for business-building success. Brand names and logos can be realistic or imaginary. Simple or detailed. Rational or emotional. Descriptive or creative. So long as they are never boring, pretentious or predictable. Whatever branding services you require, Sawhorse has the chops to deliver the good stuff.

Brand Name + Tagline
Logo + Visual Assets
Brand Colours + Stylistic Identity


Brand Building: Phase 3
Brand Personification

So much of growing your brand comes from telling your story. We’ll distill your who and your why into a voice that emboldens your brand wherever it’s expressed. A distinctive brand avatar that is actionably and informatively connected to your values and your motivations, so you can spend less time reacting to trends, and more time proactively evolving your own personal brand style.

Brand Personality + Voice
Brand Persona + Avatar
Brand Story + Origin


We craft content strategies that reach your audience's audience.
Our targeted, tangible, and highly relevant approach to brand strategy has three key steps: Target the Right Audience, Be in the Right Places, and Say the Right Things.
Brand Strategy: Step 1
Target the Right Audience

Reaching your audience requires the ability to recognize a variety of context-rich signals (day, time, location) and intent-rich signals (search behaviour, content preferences, brand interactions). By tapping into communities of shared interest, we can connect with customers by leveraging signals, and aligning your business with an audience that is engaged and ready for a brand they will love.

Brand Experience + Interaction
Target Audience + Market
Human-Centred Strategy


Brand Strategy: Step 2
Be in the Right Places

For every brand, there are two moments that matter most – the nice-to-wins and the must-wins. The victories you aspire to, and the ones you can’t afford to miss. By plotting each milestone and exploring instances where your audience finds inspiration, learns something new, or makes a decision, we can ensure your brand is present for all of the moments, achievable or aspirational, that will influence your success.

End-To-End Customer Journey Maps
Online Community Management
Metadata + SEO Keyword Research


Brand Strategy: Step 3
Say the Right Things

Consumers care less about your brand than they do about themselves. Their wants and needs are what matter most. We’ll reach customers where it counts, creating meaningful long-lasting connections. Instead of focusing solely on the right message, person, and channel, we’ll help you find success by creating the right value for the right audience, where and when they’re looking for it.

Channel-Specific Strategies
Stand-Alone Thematic Moments
Core-Content Ideas + Elements


It’s been our pleasure to participate in building and growing these incredible brands.
Good branding creates a lifetime impression. Much more so than what you sell or where you're from. Because it's who you are and what you stand for that people remember the most.
Jeff Doner, Principal Consultant
We love building brilliant brands.
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