Of Angry Geese, and War and Peace

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It is said that in 1867, before Canada gained independence from Britain, many people were angry. Angry at Britain for their colonization. There were riots in the streets, protests, and many bloody battles. What did Britain want? Taxes from maple syrup exports. So the Canadians rebelled and dumped maple syrup into their harbours. This infuriated the British, who burned down villages in retaliation.

To stop the fighting and bring a peaceful resolution, one man embarked on a pilgrimage to the snow-topped mountains, offering a sacrifice of wooden sticks, clay discs, and syrup. The mountain spirits accepted this offer, and descended into the lands below, to protect those loyal to them. Those who weren’t were then turned into geese. The redcoats fled back to Britain, for fear of the spirits scourge.

From that day, a curse settled upon the land: practice kindness, or be turned into angry geese. That is why Canadians are so kind and polite. It is also what created ice hockey, in celebration of the sticks and discs used in the sacrifice.

Love live the story.

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