Pitch Perfect

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Last month’s Rugby World Cup was a tale of two beers.

Heineken, the eminent, effervescent blonde, versus Guinness, the illustrious, inscrutable brunette.

Adversaries by pub and by pint, the beer behemoths took their rivalry to the pitch.

Heineken struck early, locking down Official Sponsorship of the event, thus ensuring venue taps would remain without the famous stout.

Undaunted, Guinness countered with a one-two punch outside the arenas, turning to advertising – punctuated by a plucky outdoor poster campaign.


It was Guinness’ brilliant mouth guard and rugby sock visuals that ultimately won the day. Sport enthusiasts far and wide assumed it was Guinness who had hosted their marquee event, not Heineken, despite their early investment.

Who knew a dirty rugby sock could be such a thing of beauty? A simple, stylish idea created an indelible link between the brand, and the magnanimous, manly qualities of the “hooligan’s game played by gentlemen”.

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