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For an industry that’s snore-worthy as Ben Stein on a blind date, insurance companies are raising the bar on off-the-wall antics with an endless slew of over-the-top ads, garnering cult-like status across the land.

Geico’s peppy gecko, Progressive’s frisky Flo, Allstate’s rascally Mayhem and Farmer’s wry professor aren’t just ever-present icons in our daily viewing lives. They’re some of the craftiest creations ever to waltz down Madison Avenue. Toss State Farm’s ‘Like a good neighbour’ jingle into the mix, and these insurance titans now rank among the most advertised brands in the world — outspending deep-pocketed giants like Budweiser, Coca-Cola and Home Depot handily.

Prior to 10 years ago, insurance ads weren’t funny. For an industry long lead by accountants, statisticians, actuaries and data analysts, I tip my cap to the intrepid folks who dared to take the mundane to marvellous (if not mischievous). Thanks to a devious duck with an AFLAC quack, a whole new era of outraged cavemen, behemoth babies and menacing Dikembe Mutombo’s have been unleashed on our airwaves.

Some of my personal favourites, after the jump.

One of GEICO’s best – Happier Than Dikembe Mutombo Blocking a Shot.

Here’s Allstate’s ‘GPS’ starring Dean Winters as ‘Mayhem’.

State Farm’s ‘Magic Jingle Hot Tub’.

Last, but far from least – Nationwide’s new spot ‘Baby’.

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