Feisty Fisherman

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Attention drips and drama queens, I have three words for you: Suck It Up.

As cold and flu season rages on like a rogue nor’easter, Fisherman’s Friend reminds us all to show our true grit.

In a new, no nonsense campaign developed by Toronto agency Giants and Gentlemen, tough men from the past swashbuckle, bare-knuckle brawl, and fight bears, all despite a case of the sniffles. Flash-forward, each spot ends with a modern man, in bed, with a modern man-cold, while the gruff, manly voiceover chides him to “suck it up.”

This hard-lined campaign harkens to the product’s roots. Fisherman’s Friend was developed by a British pharmacist in 1865 to aid fishermen working in the extreme conditions of the North Atlantic.

Touting ‘tough love for what ails your throat’, you can take a look at the cantankerous campaign for yourself after the jump.

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