Breakfast Brat

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Forget the obvious hilariousness of the spot. On what planet is it tolerable for a troublesome tot to waltz up to the breakfast table, wag his disapproving (not to mention disrespectful!) digit at the balanced breakfast his mother has lovingly prepared and declare “won’t touch this!” while hip-hopping his way out of the room, MC Hammer style.

Ignore the fact that his mother allows this to go on for at least two breakfasts, despite her best epicurean efforts. Kids are picky eaters, I get that. But since when does picky eating precipitate pugnacity? What happened to the idea of trying new things, discussing likes and dislikes and appreciating the work that goes into feeding a family?

Perhaps I was raised in a bygone ‘eat it or else’ era, but I certainly never suffered from an empty belly growing up, despite the occasional qualm with what was being cooked. Over time, with a tweak here and a pinch of spice there, many once taboo foods became family favorites, without resorting to finger flapping and clichéd “Hammer time” kitsch.

Any planet where Eggo waffles trump eggs and bacon must be the convenient creation of a Creative Director on crack. Rob Ford must love them!

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  1. evelynjules
    November 18, 2013

    LOL. Awesome. Especially the Rob Ford comment. 😀 Great post!


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